warming up

So, we’re in the process of researching pellet stoves.  We have a floor furnace from around the 50s or so.  They are very dangerous.  Stuff can be (purposely) dropped down and catch fire, feet can be burned, shoes can melt…you can understand why we don’t want to use it right?  There’s been more than one crayon and item plopped in the vents during the summer already. :/

Reading reviews while bundled beneath blankets with a jacket and socks on is making me realize I should’ve started about a month ago.  In my defence it was in the mid-seventies here until about a week ago.  It’s kinda like buying a bathing suit in the middle of winter for $5.00.  I can’t see the need to spend the money or make a serious purchase unless the weather is right.

This goes completely against my frugal ways, but I’m being honest here.  A few days ago I was wondering if I would ever need to put the heater on.  Right now I’m cranking up the oven to add some warmth.  Know anything about pellet stoves?  How are you staying warm right now.  I’ve opted for plenty of hot cocoa and down feather throws.  That is, until we are being toasted with a stove.

3 thoughts on “warming up

  1. Allison Hargrove says:

    I have a friend who has a pellet stove in their house and they love it. They have a smaller house and they say their whole house stays warm when they use it. They also said that it is very cost effective.


  2. Bethany Johnson says:

    Hey Jennee, this house doesn’t really have those types of problems, but our house in Huachuca City does. Some things that I tried were blocking off the room with blankets over the doors ways, and running a space heater (where you will be for most of the day). Open the window blinds where sun will come in. I also used the oven and cracked it open to heat the kitchen area. So until then, bundle up and do your best.


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