bloggery spam

If you had a blog of your own, you are most likely familiar with “spam” comments.  Wordpress automatically catches them, so I don’t have to, but they do request that you confirm it’s spam and hit “delete”.  I have only once approved a spam comment, because it obviously wasn’t spam.  So, 1 in 100 or something like that, is good odds.

If the email of the comment looks something like “”, that’s a confirmed spam.  They always say something totally vague that would apply to any post imaginable too.  like “That was a great post” or “Wow you’re so insightful, I’m so glad I read this”  or “This was so helpful”.  Yeah, they are lame and plain to see.

Tonight I was deleting one when I thought I’d share it with you.  I laughed out loud. Yep LOL.  Okay, It was more of a chuckle. COL.  This comment was for lemonshopperkjdfkjsdkjv@hotmail (that’s a half-fake email so don’t even think about it)

“This is an excellent website. The material presented here is nice and original and helps me better understand the sites purpose. Don’t let your next car be a lemon.”

What?  Okay.  Thanks random non-spam person for looking out for my car buying experiences.  Let me just “approve” your comment so you can hack into my computer, steal my identity, and drain my $200.00 from my bank account.  That completely applied to the apple pie I just baked.

Some people are just not that creative.


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