apple pie

Apple pie seems like one of those staple American desserts to me.  When I think of apples, I think of Autumn.  The memory of exactly how it smells fills my mind.  Around here, we’ve been trying to avoid cracking on the heater.  This has led to some sort of baking or cooking to happen in the oven daily.  Today apple pie was on my mind.

With some Granny Smith’s, molasses (that’s right), and cinnamon laid out on the counter, I got to slicing and mixing.  The recipe I used for the filling couldn’t be simpler.  I followed it from my new favorite cookbook for everything under the sun– The American Women’s Cookbook.  Copyrighted in 1942 (the first in 1938), it has quickly become the most-used book in the house.  I picked it up at an estate sale about a month ago.  Though the cover is in a sad state, the contents are a treasure.

Dutch Apple Pie


5-6 apples, sliced

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 cup molasses


I opted to use a family recipe for the crust.  The secret isn’t ice water either.

4 cups flour

1 3/4 cups shortening

1 tbs vinegar

1 cup water

1 1/4 tsp salt

1 egg

1 tbs sugar

Mix dry ingredients, cut in shortening.  Mix together wet ingredients.  Add to flour mixture.  Chill for 15 minutes before rolling out.  Makes double (2) crusts.

It really makes enough for 2 pies (top and bottom crusts).

Flaky, flavorful, fabulous.

Have I ever mentioned that this is my favorite season of the year?


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