rooms of our home: living room

A particular someone (you know who you are) has asked on more than one occasion for pictures of our new home.  I decided that posting one room a week wouldn’t be overwhelming and would motivate some more cleaning…and how can that be bad?  This is the only room in the house we have painted so far. It’s the only complete room…thanks to the wonderful husband :)

So here’s our living room.  The curtains were made by the last owner, around 1960 from what I can tell of the style and from neighbors.  apparently, she was quite the seamstress.  She also made curtains for her friend across the street, and for another neighbor she re-upholstered a rocking chair.

The door, base and trim, and flooring is all original.  The house was built in 1926.  For a gal who loves everything vintage, this house is so neat to me.  I love that it has a history.  Families were made and raised here, meals from scratch eagerly eaten.  And now we’re here.  Carrying on the same.

Our TV is currently blocking the fireplace.  It seems there were not televisions in 1926 :), so the living room is really not arranged for one.  Windows and built-in shelving take up the usual spaces.  I’m not one for blocking windows.  Blocking the fireplace was bad enough.  There was a moment that I tried to convince Nick we didn’t need a TV…that didn’t work well :)…just so the fireplace wouldn’t get blocked.

We were generously passed down the coffee table and ice-chest-style table and bench.  The rocking chair was Nick’s grandpa’s, which he received as a retirement gift after 25 years (?) serving as a judge.  The Honorable Allen Slaughter…how would you like that for an assigned judge.  He was actually very nice :)

The clock on the mantle was Nick’s great-grandmother’s.  She was the owner of a famous western store in Tucson called Porters.  They made saddles, belts, you everything like that.  I couldn’t find a link for the original store they operated.  What a shame.  But I did find this.  People such as Clark Gable special ordered items from this renowned business.

So here it is, our living room.  There are so many years of history and stories represented, but more importantly, stories we’re making of our own.  Love shared while reading books, playing, knitted gifts to pass down to grandkids, and memories in the making.

4 thoughts on “rooms of our home: living room

  1. Nicole Latulippe says:

    I love it Jennee! The house, the history! If I ever own another home I hope it is one with lots of character and stories! (my husband may not agree ;) )


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