heirloom tomato

I have been very discouraged this year with the garden.  Here is the very first heirloom tomato (a Mr. Stripey), off the vines only a few days ago.  I did plant late since we moved and had a baby right in the middle of planting time, but still.  It seems all the blooms went away and never produced a tomato.

Anyways, the canning of sauce I had in mind didn’t quite work out.  Oh, well.  Next, the plan is square foot gardening (of sorts), and lots of compost and vitamins.  I have a feeling the soil had lots to do with the unsuccessfulness.  Since we live in an old mining town, there is leaching and contaminates to consider…which is why we don’t drink the tap water too.

Presently, I am trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps and plant some winter crops.  Area cleared of a huge ugly bush…check. Planter boxes made…ummm, more on this later.


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