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Andre likes to draw monsters. He likes it a lot. I love that in almost every drawing he himself is portrayed as a monster slayer. He defends his loved ones from imminent danger, and usually, the monster is at least ten times his size. I love the natural protection instincts of the male gender.

I love that Andre has explains for very long periods of time, an entire story from one simple drawing. Sometimes the story is more than a day long. Meaning not that he talks for more than a day, but that the picture represents that time frame. It’s cute, courageous, and creative. I also very much love that since he doesn’t have much exposure to violent games and movies, the page isn’t covered in blood. It’s a clean kill of the monster sort.

I’m not saying it won’t ever happen, but for now he’s not into the violence…just the idea of defending his family and friends. A warrior at heart, that little guy of mine. I love him…and his drawings.

One thought on “monsters

  1. great gramdma says:

    The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Andre, has a wonderful mama that inspires and builds her character and personality. I know that both of you are “Blessed” beyond measure. Keep up the good work Jennee.


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