little genius

I often (everyday) have to catch myself with Mr. Andre.  The thing about him, is that he makes many messes.  He ties yarn, string my headscarves, and robe to everything.  Everything includes: doorknobs (my least favorite), closet bars, other toys, light fixtures, clothes, shoes…the list goes on.

I keep telling him to stop, just to waste my breath.  I’m not sure exactly why this bothers me so.  It’s most likely due to the frustration involved in trying to get things untied.

Today I happened upon a mess of yarn in the girls room.  It was all over the french door…on the knobs (my least favorite).  *deep breath*


“Look mom.”

Then I saw the genius.

He’s a constant reminder to me that I shouldn’t be so quick to rain on a parade.  A reminder to cultivate the talents and minds they’re given, not to stifle their natural abilities.

2 thoughts on “little genius

  1. Nicole Latulippe says:

    Hmm…I have a little genius that makes a lot of messes too…Had a bad Mommy moment yesterday when I forgot the things you just mentioned…thanks for reminding me!


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