weird stuff we do

About one month ago our laundry washing habits changed dramatically.  I have long used Costco detergent, and then switched to the environmentally friendly variety.  While buying laundry detergent in bulk saves money…I’m always looking for even more ways to save.

I decided to change to a vinegar and baking soda, but I was swayed to an even cheaper, and stranger in modern standards, alternative.  Soap Nuts.

What the heck are soap nuts?  How would that possibly get close to cleaning my kids’ filthy clothes?  What kind of weird hippy family are you running?

Let me explain.

1.  After a quick web search (gotta love Google), I determined that the least expensive soap nuts are found over at Green Virgin Products.  For $27.00 and (I believe) free shipping, I hopped on the soap nut band wagon…if one does not yet exist I’m creating one here.  27 bones gets you 330 + loads of fresh clean laundry that needs no softener.  Seriously none is need.  No static.

2.  There’s a wonderful page on how they work.

3.  I’m not a hippy, nor do I want to be (drugs are shunned in our house).  I am, however; a frugal person who is always trying to find ways to save a buck…and also money.  Often that results in using more natural products around the house.

Since using them I can most honestly say they work great.  We have lots of “potty accidents” here, not to mention cloth diapers that need mild yet strong cleaning, and also a new baby and a kid with mild eczema.

One soap for all these purposes is so nice.  I do use a laundry booster for my cloth diapers to insure bacterial removal (oxyclean baby), and I also use borax for heavily soiled washes (mostly rags towels ect).

Three cheers for healthy family choices that are simply a by-product of keeping more cash in the bank.

3 thoughts on “weird stuff we do

  1. Nicole Latulippe says:

    I am so glad to hear they work well! I have been looking at them on Kitchen Stewardship’s Blog (a great blog for faith based, frugal, natural homemaking!). I was leary to try them myself, but I may just have to jump on the bandwagon myself!


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