garden cooking or cooking the garden

This is year two of not doing so great on the garden.  Last year I gave up after starting from seed 3 times with no luck.  First the birds came and ate the seed, then the rabbits ate the leaves, and finally there was a freak freeze that turned my growing spouts into yellow, shriveled sadness.

This year I bought plants to avoid last year’s trials.  No good luck this time either.

Look at these sappy guys.  Full sun was written on the instructions, by apparently that’s not what it meant.  Next year will try again on the shadier side of the house.  What a dissapointment :(

What are some hardy heat resistant food you like to grow in your garden?  All tips you have are welcomed.  Hope your gardens didn’t get cooked before you harvested like mine.

What are your favorite things to grow in the fall and winter?  I’m thinking of doing romaine, garlic, onion, snap peas, and broccoli. I like to think big and execute small.

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