putting the fun in school

It has occurred to me that school at home should be fun.  I know, I know, big revelation huh?  Actually, yes.  At the end of last school year, I implemented the “do-a-page-and-get-a-treat” rewards system.

In efforts to save our kids teeth from rotting, and their bodies from climbing the curtains, my husband came up with the idea of a school “store”.  It’s been  many months, but I finally got around to doing it today.

The rewards of this system are:

1.  They get rewarded for good instead of in trouble for bad

2.  They learn the value of money and saving

3.  Increases productivity

4.  Takes the pressure off me (to constantly keep them going)

5.  Makes school fun/something to look forward to

Introducing “Fun Bucks”  (name thought of any voted for by all three kids..it was unanimous)

What’s in the store for purchase?

Treasure chest items will include (but not excluded to): candy, pencils, small toys, erasers, jewelry, matchbox cars.

computer game time

game board pick

dairy queen ice cream

yoyos/slinkies (kid’s requested items)

a new book of choice

When do you get a Fun Buck? (during school time)

no complaining

extraordinary work

excellent citizenship (being extra nice/helpful)

I made a table for the store menu in MS Word, and used PagePlus (free download) to make the  Fun Bucks.

What are some ways you make school fun?

3 thoughts on “putting the fun in school

  1. Allison Hargrove says:

    Danielle Mitea is homeschooling now and is doing something similar. Love the idea and the fun you and the kids will have with it.


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