an apple a day

We’ve been seeing many doctors lately.  Well, I’ve been seeing them.  Two medical doctors, one natrapath, and two chiropractors to be exact.  This is the reason went went to grandma and grandpa’s, and the reason we headed to New Mexico.

So far I have five different guesses, normal lab work, and medicines and suppliments that have not worked.  After talking it through with my local doc, he decided to send me to a neurologist.  That sort of scares me, but I trust that God is in control.

I don’t share this with you for pitty, but simply for your prayers.  I have been experiencing such strange symptoms, and it is effecting my ability to care for my family, sew, knit, and even type.

Weakness of the muscles mainly, and joint pain are the most prominent annoyences.

This is why I’ve been absent from this spot.  Not because I have been too busy, uninspired, or lazy.  I just can’t always share.

I am in a place where there is really nothing to do but wait, pray, and think about whatever lesson God will show me through this.  Wait.  Not my strong point.  Pray.  Something I don’t do nearly enough.  Lessons.  Not alway easy to learn.

I am thankful to have a God who knows all, loves me, and never leaves me or forsakes me. Never.  I have nothing to complain about, really.  What more could I need than the love, protection and loyalty from the God who spoke the World into existance.

I am determined not to complain, whine, or have any more pitty parties.  I will not.  I know that it can always be worse than it is, and I am grateful that it’s not.  My God is merciful, even when I’m not.  Even when I’m not deserving.

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