slowing down and other tales

I haven’t posted much this week about anything other than family stuff.  I haven’t been as creative as I have wanted to be.  I do have some things in the making, but they will have to wait a bit longer as I have been forced to slow down a bit.

So, today I bring you another tale from the Olivia mischief files.  She decided it would be fun to drink 90mL of children’s Tylenol.   That landed us in the ER for a couple hours.  Luckily, she was deemed non-toxic.  I really need to get this girl her own category.

I thought about bringing my camera to the hospital, but then I figured I shouldn’t.  I took pictures with my phone instead…and I don’t have the fancy cord that transfers pitures here.  You’ll just have to imagine it like the old days.  Cute little girl, bandage on one arm, IV line in the other, pink bunny and sticker, all crashed out on mama in a hospital bed at 10:30pm.

Happy Friday!  I hope yours is fun and ER free.

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