Much is the same around here even with the addition of little Des.  In the same sense much has changed.  Try as I might I just can’t seem to do all the things I want to do creatively.  The one thing that I can still manage while holding a baby is knitting.  Currently I’m working on the Seed Stitch Jacket for Desmond.  I am also trying my hand at yet another pattern.

Sewing hasn’t happened for some time in this but house, but little by little I have been working on a couple of projects for Miss Isabel’s birthday presents.  Mostly I have been thinking of them in the wee hour nursing sessions that have been waking me for the last three weeks.

On a more adorable note, Desmond has finally had his first tummy time moments today.  I know, I’m such a bad mom.  It took three weeks to get the little guy on his tummy.  I have yet to read him a book too.  You know, I think the person that makes all these suggestions only has one kid.  Two tops.  I struggle to read to the kids that can actually understand the book, so, the baby can wait until he sees color and can focus without crossing his blue eyes. That said here are some more pictures for your eyes to behold.

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