paper vs cloth

I finally ran out of the newborn size paper diapers.  I am so glad.  Whoever said that cloth diaper leak more than paper either A) has never used cloth diapers,  B) used junkie diaper covers or C) left their kid wet for a crazy amount of time.

So glad to be back in cloth.  What?  Do I sound psycho to you?  You would never use cloth?  Cloth would be fine if you didn’t have to do the “poop thing”?  It’s so much more work?

I used to say all those things until financial reasons landed us a nice stack of freshly washed cloth diapers.  Ever since then, I have found myself actually enjoying cloth diapering.  If that doesn’t sound crazy enough I’ll take it a step farther.  If I were rich I would still use cloth diapers.

I have a friend in the medical field who has been hearing about lots of cases involving the new Pampers Dry Max.  Apparently, they are giving kids terrible rashes.  Here’s my question, “Why would you want your baby to feel dryer longer?”  Seriously, if your baby is wet you should change your baby.  You shouldn’t come up with new ways to make it seem as though your baby isn’t wet.  Yuck!

Changing a baby every 2-3 hours prevents bacteria from growing.  Change your baby!  If you were wet you would change immediately right?

Fear not I’m not mad.  I’m just passionate.  Keeping babies in their filth for any longer than 3 hours is just nasty.

So, needless to say…we’re back in cloth and loving it.

We’re looking mighty cute while doing it too.

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