the first outing

Yesterday was the mark of a first in this home.  I took the kids by myself for the first time on an outing.  All (five?) of them.  Five kids.  That’s crazy.  What kind of nutty person has Five kids? Ahem,  I guess that would be me.

A quick stroll to the park seemed perfect.  No time limits, no stores, nobody waiting on us to get there on time.  I’m not sure why but the addition of a family member always leads to chaos and tension among the older children.  We needed some relief or cabin fever was sure to follow.

It was hot, but the need to leave was too great to ignore.  We had a nice peaceful time.

Des crashed in the sling while I knit.

Josie walked her snack off, pausing only to throw dirt.  March, march, march.  She likes to march.  She’s very serious about her marching too.

Liv was close by often, as to not miss any Desmond activity.  I’m sure she thinks he’s truly her brother.  And she was looking glam as usual.  She’ll grow into a fashionista some day.  Not sure how that happened.  Notice there were no pictures me?  There’s a reason for that.

Isabel talked with me most of the time, which I thought was sweet.  She is going faster than I like to admit, and loves to make funny faces.

And as I was taking a picture of Andre, I accidentally caught him in the act…of peeing off that big rock right next to the road!  When you gotta go you gotta go.  But, why can’t you go in the toilet?  That’s what I always say.

Did I really just post that?  How could I not?  Sorry, it won’t happen again.  I hope the neighbors and cars driving by didn’t notice…but if they did they can get the freeze frame image here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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