new mama products

Here are some things that I am in love with.

Earth Mama Angel Baby has some great products.  A friend got me a mama care kit.  Included is the Natural Nipple Butter.  In my opinion, far better than Lanolin.  I have noticed that it seems to heal much faster and it doesn’t leave yellow staining on your bra.  Also, it’s not as thick so the air has a chance to help the healing process as well.

Mama Bottom Butter…great even you didn’t have an episiotomy or tearing like me.  It is soothing and cooling, and has witch hazel in it.  Lastly the Monthly Comfort Tea, which is used for postpartum blues.  I don’t them bad but I do get them with all my kids.  Time will tell whether this has a huge impact, but so far I haven’t had a melt down :)

While the nipple butter and bottom butter come in 1 oz jars, it really goes a very long ways.  I have used it constantly for five days and am not even half way through either of them.  My stamp of approval is official.

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