Why is it so hard to be patient?  I almost said patient sometimes, but all the time is more like it for me.

It’s hard for me to be patient with the kids.  I am constantly telling them “hurry up”, “go faster”, “quickly” and “right now” so much so that Josie has gotten into the habit of saying “now” more than I like to hear.

This is not the only area I can be impatient about either.  I often get an idea (recently soap making), and can rarely think of anything else until I have the money to pursue the idea or project.  It’s like it eats at me.  Suddenly everything seems to remind me of it, and nothing can distract me from it.

My most recent impatience lately is related to, you guessed it, having the baby.  I’m not sure why I’m in such a rush for this baby to be born.  I’m still 12 days away from my due date.  With my second child, Andre, I was ten days late. Ten, and I wasn’t even phased by the wait.  So why this time?  There is plenty to distract myself with.  Plenty of work.

All I can say is that God is showing me in all these areas “not your time”.  That’s not so fun to hear when you have an exact schedule of how you like things to happen.  I have been pondering this for days now, and have come to the conclusion that God is right.  Really? When is He not?  He is in control of all things seen and unseen.  He knows the right day for this babe to enter the world.  He knows the perfect circumstances surrounding this much awaited event.  What I can do is do is stop murmuring and complaining, and get busy filling my heart and mind with the Word, and prayerfully go about my days.

So, I have determined to stop.  Stop waking up every morning wondering “is today the day”.  Instead I will start to focus my thoughts on what God would have me doing with my days.  I have a feeling it hasn’t got much to do with plans and schedules, but more to do with praises and prayers and patience.  I’m living by the three P’s.

2 thoughts on “patience

  1. Ashley says:

    Same for me…it seems like I’m always telling my girls “Hurry. hurry. hurry!” It’s not good. I’ve decided lately that my great area of impatience (since I’m not waiting for a cute baby ;) is with what God’s doing in me. I know He’s working/changing things and I just want to GET THERE. But like you said, all in His timing. Will be praying for you! :)


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