come Des come

Yesterday morning I realized that not only am I 3 weeks away from my due date, but I hadn’t prepared ready for it.  That afternoon I had a doctor appointment.  I was very shocked to find out that I am dilated to 2.5 cm and 50% effaced.  I know that’s not a really big deal, but I have never been dialted that much 3 weeks away from the due date.  Maybe a few days before, but not weeks.  I have a sense of urgency to be ready for this guy early.

Today I packed my bag for the hospital.  I have never been this late in doing it.  The car seat is ready to be installed, and I am ever more ready to meet this little boy.  In the mean time, I am going to sleep whenever the chance arises.  There is much to be said about an afternoon nap.  They are so wonderful.

This may very well be the most uninteresting post yet, but I just feel yucky and kinda like my brain can’t think.  I want to make sure all you awesome readers have the low-down in case I disappear for awhile :)

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