a full fun weekend

I have mostly unpacked the house, along with help from some friends here and there.  I decided Friday that we were going to have a box unpacking free day.  The kids and I (and the dog who would otherwise escape from the yard and come anyways) walked around the corner to the park and had ourselves a picnic lunch.

I love when the weather turns and you can enjoy a nice day outside.

Saturday the babes and I went for a beautiful walk to the same park to check out the Farmer’s Market.  I thought about taking the dog but decided not to since I was by myself with the babies.  She came anyways.  Running around the market like a stray.  I pretended I didn’t know her.  Scout has some abandonment issues.

Liv found some tiny bugs to entertain herself with.

Mother’s day was spent going to church, and doing some spring cleaning, and finally a BBQ.  By the way, we are very snobby about our steak.  Nick is the best at the grill.  Really.  We don’t even order steak at nice restaurants.  They always fall short.

Nick was so kind as to open up some windows that had been painted shut.  There’s nothing like a spring breeze blowing through the house.  Air flow.  It should never be taken for granted.  It’s just so refreshing.

I hope you all had a joyous weekend and Mother’s Day.  It’s goo to be back.

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