the big catch-up

We are finally moved into our cute little house.  We love it.  It is perfect for us.  Since I love old vintage things so much, a vintage house is perfect for me.  The street is quiet and calm, the park is just around the corner, and the neighbor boy is at our house nearly everyday.  In fact he even stayed for dinner last night.  I feel like we’re living in the Cleaver’s world.  I just love June.  She cooks, cleans, and even knits.  That’s my ideal kind of role model :)

Here’s the final finish on the hardwood floors.  36+ hours of work in 5 days.  That’s good ol’ fashioned sweat equity.

We’re very prideful about our floors. Very.


I found a picture of the actual finished floor.  Nick was so kind as to point out my mistake :)

In the midst of this crazy move, I was surprised with a baby shower.  I walked into the room and burst into a ridiculous mess of overwhelmed sobbing.  I just can’t believe that in only one year God has surrounded me with such wonderful friends.  What a blessing.  I really can’t be blamed for the uncontrollable crying.  I am pregnant along with exhausted and shocked.  It was a good shocked though.  I am ready for little Desmond to come.  Real ready.  Not just with supplies and clothes, but I just can’t wait to meet him.

And so concludes our catch-up for today.  I have nothing else.  I’ve taken 8 pictures in 7 days.  Most of them are not good ones either :)  That’s unheard of around here.  Monday shall bring more I’m sure…and determined.  I missed you friends.

6 thoughts on “the big catch-up

  1. Ashley says:

    I’ve been going CRAZY waiting to hear how things are going…so thanks for the update :) So happy for you about the baby shower. And the house, of course. I really want to see what it all looks like on the inside. Get busy on the pictures ;)


  2. tara says:

    you guys are funny! :)

    it does look good though, even if it’s not the FINAL pic.
    i’m so blessed for you that you had a baby shower. God is so good!
    love ya and miss ya! Wish i could be there to help with the kiddos when Desmond comes.


  3. nick says:

    Just to let everyone know…that is not the final finish on the floors(hence the dry splotchy patches). Sorry i am just a little defenseive about those floors thats all. There were two more coats of finish put on afterwards.


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