progress is good

Last night Nick put the clear primer and first coat of finish on the hardwood floors we’ve been so feverishly working on.  In case you would like to know how two people with zero experience can refinish a floor you can watch this video.  That’s how we learned.  We watched it a few times and got right at it.  If we can do this you can too.  I won’t say it’s easy.  It’s a lot of work, but it is simple.  Rip out carpet, take up carpet tacks, punch down nails, sand, fill in holes, finish, enjoy!

Here is Nick filling in the holes.  Yes, those are the nails I pounded in.  Every.  Last.  One.  See why I almost cried?  He didn’t ever do all the ones I pounded on.  Also notice the ugly wall paper is gone.  Yay.  We’re going to paint it a simalar color as you see here.  Just a tad more yellow.  I can’t wait to see it complete.  It should be done Thursday.  The floors…not the paint.  We’ll be doing that later.  I’m working with a list of milestones here.  Checking each off is going to be so relieving.

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