It’s hard to have a normal flow in your day when so much is going on.  That’s exactly what I’m trying to do though.  Thinking of the laundry list of things we need to get for the new house, do at the new house, pack up still, clean up afterwards, moving the church into a building, finishing up school with Isabel, and preparing for the new baby is, frankly, overwhelming.  I’m trying to do all this while trying not to do anything at all…ligaments, back pain, and contractions are forcing me to relax often.  With only six weeks left until Desmond is born it is important for me to take care of myself.  I know this.  Part of me just wants to get it done anyways.  I can really drive myself crazy!

I do…drive myself and Nick crazy often.

So, I must rest.  I find that the only way this can be possible is to place all the to-do lists in the Lord’s hands.  I know he will take care of all that needs to be done.  Whatever doesn’t happen isn’t meant to be and I just have to accept it.  This is tough for me because I am not one to sit around.  I like to be busy doing productive things all the time. All the time.  When Nick starts ripping up carpet, I want to also.  When he’s scraping the floors and mopping them, I want to also.  I just like to be right in the middle of the action.  I’m not accustomed to being told, “Just go sit and relax”  while everyone around me is sweating and toiling.

A hard pill for me to swallow.  Not in my nature.

I am determined to make the best of this though.  I’ll sit, I’ll rest, and I’ll even ask for help.  God has blessed us with wonderful people in our church that want to help us in every way they can.  I’ll not turn them away or take the blessing from them the God is so willing to give. I’m going to find joy in whatever situation I’m in.  Contentment.  I see what you’re doing here Lord.  Teaching me in yet another way to be content.

2 thoughts on “normal

  1. Ashley says:

    Being still is THE HARDEST thing for me to do! I’d rather be going non-stop all day and night until I pass out. :) But I know God teaches me a lot when I’m forced to slow down. We’re praying for you guys! Don’t worry. It will all get done. :)


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