the graduate

Mr. Andre has graduated kindergarten.  He is ever so proud of himself, as am I.  I’m proud of him and me.  Every homeschooling mom can relate to that.  It’s a commitment and an honor to teach our littles at home.  I was sure that because he’s a fidgety boy, starting him in school a year early would make it so he finished “on time”.  He pleasantly surprised me.  Now he’s a grade above what he would be in public school.  Just confirmation of my convictions to not teach kids at the level you think they are at, but higher so they reach and work for all they learn.  Very rewarding for us both.

This is the look of a guy who’s off to get ice cream and dinner for such a momentous occasion.  He’s pretty sweet and cute if you ask me.

{working on his last page of kindergarten curriculum}

2 thoughts on “the graduate

  1. Kelley Haag says:

    You have every right to be proud. I can not belive Andre is done with Kindergarten! We miss you guys and I was happy to find this blog and know that you are doing well.
    God bless,
    Love, All of the Haags (but especially me)


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