covering up tushies

I just finished my second wool soaker.  I can’t get enough.  I have used cloth diapers off and on for five years now, and have never used wool soakers.  Why, why, why?  They don’t need to be cleaned as often, they are completely breathable, and they are slim fitting.  They are marvelous!  Well, to be honest it’s because buying them can cost anywhere from $20-$40.  I have a hard time buying plastic ware I’m so cheap, so these were out of the question.  That is, until I found a FREE pattern for the Curly Purly Soaker.  Now I’m hooked and want nothing but more of these.

I am using Cascade 220 wool yarn ($7.00/skin).  I made almost two soakers (small and medium) with one skin, and have cast on the leftovers of the second skin for a newborn size.  I’m aiming to knit up three newborn sizes before Desmond’s arrival.  We’ll see what happens between moving and birth.  A girl’s got to have goals though.  Otherwise, she may find herself watching the news and eating M&M’s for hours at a time.  Got to keep those hands distracted.

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