On the book shelf

Maybe they’re on the side table at least.  I am pretty sure that I’m nuts.  I can’t just relax and sit, I must do something.  Here’s what I want to do with kids and by myself.

I have been wanting to make handmade soaps for a while now.  I think my need to have appropriate cleaning supplies and skin care products in my nesting phase of pregnancy is going to make it a reality soon.

Drawing and watercolors will soon take place in the home school room.  I must know what it is to teach them right?  I am very much looking forward to this.  Now, if only I could wriggle my nose and appear in a new and unpacked house…then these dreams would be a reality.

One thought on “On the book shelf

  1. Allison Hargrove says:

    I love the book of the drawing birds. I may just have to check that one out. I need something to do to take my mind of things. Love you Jennee. Praying God will give you peace about the rest you need right now.


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