it’s a hard knock life

Today Isabel is learning a life lesson.  A very hard life lesson.  Hard for me and for her.

“But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.”  Matthew 5:37

It’s a big one really.  Don’t say things you don’t mean.  Don’t say things to be manipulative.  Don’t say things to tickled people’s ears.  You can’t take back the things you say.  It’s all-encompassing of this verse.

Let me break it down for you.  Here’s what happened.  Isabel was disciplined for hitting.  She was told that because she did that she wouldn’t be getting her toes painted as I planned.  With eyes full of tears, and a scowl on her face she said, in a most manipulative tone, “Fine I don’t want to eat dinner or lunch!”

Now, she hasn’t completely mastered manipulating yet, so she didn’t know she should offer something that wouldn’t affect just her.  Still the principle remains.  Shouting out ridiculous things in anger while trying to get your way is manipulative.  Period.

Women, we are masters at this by nature.  Turn on the tears and expect things to happen your way.  Unfortunately for Isabel, I know her number.  So I granted her request.  No dinner, no lunch.  She was told the verse.  I explained what it meant.  I told her if she doesn’t mean something she shouldn’t say it.  I also explained to her that saying things like that to get her way was wrong and manipulative.

Don’t think I’m heartless.  This is not easy for me either.  It’s not easy to withhold food from a child.  She doesn’t know this yet, but I am not taking away snack.  Just the meals.  I don’t want her to starve.  I just want this lesson to remain with her forever.  It is so important in my eyes.  I’m doing my best not to raise a prissy, manipulative, dramatic, weak, girl.  Through the word of God I’m instilling biblical principles.  I want her to be a loving, tender, nurturing lady.  Strong in the Lord.  Unwavering in the truth of God’s word.

It is certainly easier to let it not be such a big deal, but then this opportunity would be missed.  I also realize that she will follow by example.  That’s tough to know, but all the more reason we both should take this lesson for what it is.  Her future husband will thank me…you know…in the future :)  I love this girl so much.  God give us the strength to always see a moment to learn more of you in.

{photo by Nick}

2 thoughts on “it’s a hard knock life

  1. Nicole says:

    Such a great lesson that is continually learned. Hopefully she can not only learn from example, but be an example to her little sisters :)


  2. Ashley says:

    I love how I can totally hear the tone of your voice when I read this, “Women, we are masters at this…”. LOL! So true. I hate having to be tough about things instead of just making it all easy for them. But making it easy now does them no good later. Good job! You’re a tough mom :)


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