stocking up the art supplies

We received some of our art supplies and got right to testing them out.  I ordered the Rock Crayons (for miss Josie) and the Eco-Friendly colored pencils from Chubby Pencil Studio.  I have to say that these are the smoothest, richest colored pencils I have ever used.  I should also say that all I have used are from art class in school and Wal-mart type brands.  Even still, the quality of these is very good.  I am trying to buy artist grade medians from now on.  I really think it affects the outcome of the end product.

This seems important for us because we are trying to get out of the habit of saying that we are “not good at art”.  The fact is the techniques are a learned process.  We are in the learning stages.  I would hate if having poor tools was a means for low confidence and low quality projects. We are just two-three weeks away from concluding this years curriculum, and I made a promise to some littles to have art and music lessons in the summer.

We will be using Drawing with Children for our art classes.  It is really an impressive book.  I am planning on joining in for some lessons of my own.  I am really very excited about it.  I dare say, the kids are too.  They are eager to work hard and do extra work in order to start.

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