down time

I had some unexpected couch time these last few days.  Doctor’s orders you know.  I have round ligament syndrome.  Common in pregnancy, but new to me.  The link doesn’t quite describe the extent of what happened to me.  I had constant severe pain resulting in an inability the walk for a couple of days.  Quite the sight I assure you.  7 months pregnant hobbling around with a cane with four little ducklings (I mean children) trailing behind.  Anyways, being ordered to sit and not walk around unless necessary (bathroom ect) gave way to this creation.  I made my first wool soaker.  So far I love it and want to trade in Josie’s tattered covers with a few more of these.  As usual, details can be found on my Ravelry page.  I used Cascade 220 wool in lime.  Loving the color!  And the yarn really is great too.

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