I don’t have to tell you how much I love y husband, but I will anyways.  He’s great and without him I would be a wreck.  Really, I would.  He keeps my regimented and legalistic side under control.  Mostly by telling me to lighten up and being truly the opposite of legalistic.  Isn’t it funny how God put polar opposites together and it’s a perfect match?  I’ll spare you the Paula Abdul song splice…oh now it’s in your head and I didn’t even say anything.  It’s only fair.  I can’t get it out of my head either :)

Eight years of marriage and happier now more than ever.  With 4.5 kids in between that’s saying a lot.  I’ll give the credit where it’s due.  Jesus.  Plain and simple.

I received these friday…

…and we went to a gourmet restaurant called Cafe Roka.  I think I want to marry Cafe Roka too.  So, so, so, SO yummy.  Delicious, scrumptcious, wonderful, oh my gracious sakes.  EHHH!  I tell,  you it was awesome!

prosciutto wrapped artichoke with cilantro sauce… oh dear Lord it was incredible!

Lemon sorbet to cleanse the palette (forgot to shoot the was super great too).

My meal.  Chicken and pistachio wrapped in a crepe.  Topped with amazing sauces and veggies…can I go there right now?!

Nick’s meal.  something about salmon sauce and cod and raviolis…does it matter that I don’t remember?  No.  It was fantabulously delectable.  Yes, I ate some.

Nick’s desert.  A crepe stuffed with warm Nutella.  Nutella what?  Yep.  Heavenly.

My desert.  cheesecake topped with hazelnut toffee.  I’ll be honest.  I didn’t want to share, but I knew I wouldn’t get any of that Nutella love if I didn’t.  As you can tell I get pretty selfish when it comes to food.  And yes, I actually take pictures of the food in the restaurant.  Nick called me a “food critic” and the “food popperatzzi”.  That’s okay.  I don’t care what people think, and Nick’s learning to ignore my craziness.

I would love going broke by eating here every night.  Seriously.  I’ll do it.

2 thoughts on “anniversary

  1. Nicole says:

    looks amazing. I am so thankful that you do take pictures! I really wanted to see their dishes! Congratulations and heres to another 8! (years, not kids!)


  2. Bethany Johnson says:

    Congratulations! Our last anniversary we celebrated at Cafe Roka too. We went the day before our anniversary, so it was actually halloween and all the workers were dressed ridiculously, but I’d still go again. I guess I didn’t think about that when we planned the wedding date.


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