the trouble with Olivia

If there’s one word that can sum up Olivia it’s…turd.  Yes, sorry if that word doesn’t sit well with you…it’s just true.  She is so cute, so mischievous, so stealth, so manipulative (with her batting brown eyes), so much a turd.

I thought she was playing outside.  I thought she was coming in to go potty.  I thought she was moving the chair to get a drink.  I thought wrong.  I thought so very, very wrong.

I love her.  I adore her.  I can’t believe she did it.  I’m not surprised she did it.  I’m just surprised she grabbed the wrong ones.  I’m so glad she grabbed the wrong ones.  Oh, child of mine.  Oh dear child.  Oh, it was funny.  It was so terrifying.  It was.  It was, so funny and terrifying.  This is the trouble with Olivia.

Oh My.  I heard a car door.  I saw the chair on the way out.  But, I didn’t think what I found in the driver’s seat was possible.  Or what was in the ignition.  Praise God his angels protect…and his love keeps my head on straight.  Oh, dear child.  Pray my friend pray.  She’s only two…

5 thoughts on “the trouble with Olivia

  1. Nicole says:

    oh my goodness! haha, I love that you used the word turd….I think this may be the first time Ive typed it. She definitely will keep you busy! Love you and praying for you!


  2. Allison Hargrove says:

    Oh, Jennee – that is so something Daniel would have done. That is why we have the doorknob stoppers so he cannot go out the front yard or into the garage without one of us knowing he is going there. Love that determination she has. God will use it for good things when she is older.


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