the big purge

Yesterday I began what I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of weeks.  Simplify.  Get rid of, throw away, and sell.  Seriously, do the girls need seven pairs of dress up shoes?  Sheesh!  I’m not quite sure how it happens.  Nick and I rarely buy them anything.  I guess with four birthdays and Christmas it’s bound to add up. 

I started with the kids’ rooms and bathroom.  I plan on going through the house room by room.  I am happy to announce we are free of blinking, flashing, noisy toys…except the instruments.  Those must stay.  I love it.  Clean up is such a quick and easy job for them now.  We are down a big box, a toy box full, and a toy bucket of, stuff. 

I threw out two big trash bags, and the rest is for a yard sale.  I am so tempted to just dump it off at a thrift store, but honestly that would be the easy way out.  Yes, a yard sale is more work, but it’s just another way I can help contribute to the finances.  What ever’s left can go to the thrift shop :) 

I can’t be sure if this is early nesting, or if it’s just the thought that we might move which has triggered such an undertaking.  Either way it’s a good thing.  We have an abundance of so much around here.  It really has me thinking about needs and wants.  It seems it’s so easy to get off track.  God always provides what we need, but isn’t it easy to think you need more than you do?  God has been stirring up my heart so much lately.  I’m never sure what’s ahead, but I know he’ll be there with everything under control.

I have no sewing to share because I didn’t do any :)  I’ve been busy making bows to sell.  I hope you have a great Tuesday everyone.

2 thoughts on “the big purge

  1. Ashley says:

    If it’s nesting then I’ve got a problem! ;) I’ve been doing the same thing. I just feel this intense need to get rid of all the STUFF…I feel like all we do is repeatedly pick up, clean and maintain stuff and it’s ridiculous. Happy purging!:) Oh, and what’s this about moving?????


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