10,227 days of life

That’s how many days I’ve been given thus far.  Today is my 28th birthday.  My truly wonderful husband set up a massage session for me as a surprise on Monday.  He said it was for my birthday and Valentine’s day.  What a blessing. 

I’ll admit it was a new and at times awkward experience.  I kept asking what she meant by “get ready” but it took a few more questions before I understood what she meant.  Have you ever had one?  Well, if not lets just say I was more “exposed” with that women than anyone else…besides Nick.  Yes, there was a blanket, but I knew what was under it.  So, that was Monday. 

Today I didn’t expect anything since my gift came early, but another surprise awaited me.

My guy is so sweet isn’t he?  I love that these mums will be planted and kept forever.  I was told when my new camera arrived in November, that it was a year of presents.  I was more than happy with that, but my guy wasn’t :)  I feel so blessed and loved today.  Really, always.

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