a need to knead

Last week I started the levains for some serious bread making.  Local Breads is such a great book.  I also realized there was an errata for some of the recipes.  Hopefully, I’ll be alright for the ones I didn’t catch in time. 

Baking my way through this book has made me realize a few things about bakers.  First, they go through plenty of plastic wrap and parchment paper.  Second, artisan bread makers are very patient and precise.  And lastly, they have found an excellent and cheap stress reliever. 

I have in the past avoided, at all costs, hand kneading bread.  Even when I have used this book in the past, I used my stand mixer and dough hook.  This time I’ve decided I’m making every recipe in this book by hand.  I really love it.  It is very calming, a nice arm workout, the kids are loving that they can help, and I really enjoy feeling the dough change.  Sticky, smooth, elastic changes.  Every loaf is made and shaped with care and love.  Patience and perfection.  I could eat nothing but these breads everyday.



Saltless Tuscan Bread

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