wind, rain, bread

In our area there is some yucky weather going on.  Something about being trapped inside made me motivated for bread making.  Quite by accident I checked out this book from the library about 1.5 years ago.  I raved about it so much to my husband, that he surprised me with a gift.  I actually still had Local Breads checked out when the package came.  I quickly returned it.  I found I was so in love with the techniques and stories of artisan bread makers, that I dreamed of owning a bakery myself.  The time, care, and passion put into each loaf makes artisan bread a true work of art.  I guess the name fits well.

When Josie was born, life changed.  Bread making (aside from my bread machine bread) was not happening.  I haven’t so much as looked at the book until yesterday.  Constant wind, rain, and the heater going out (now fixed…thank goodness) reminded me how much I love making bread by hand. 

I made up two different starters yesterday.  In about 7-10 days I’ll be able to bake my first loaf of bread.  To some the process may sound daunting.  To me it is exciting.  I love the result of slow and steady, quiet work.  It truly makes me focus on bringing more calmness and patience into the home.  I feel more tender and loving when the pace of the household gets turned down.  I feel like I am listening more to the loving voice of God when I’m not rushing around and barking out commands to my children.  More motherly.  More laid back.  Don’t get me wrong, I fail.  However; when it’s time to knead bread, all hands can help and we are doing something great together.  Steady.  Slowly.

Updates on the levains will be posted, along with the end result.  Beautiful, perfectly crisp on the outside, warm and soft on the inside bread will be filling our tummies soon enough.

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