christmas spirit

We’re spreading the holiday cheer around here.  I love this time of year.   I love the traditions and festivities, and I love wrapping presents…a lot.  Like it’s kind of a problem. 

If you don’t like wrapping bring them to my house ’cause I’m a bit obsessed with it.

Okay I confessed.

I love most, however; revisiting the story of Jesus’ humble birth into the world.  It just amazes me every time. 

Last year we started a new tradition to spread the joy of Jesus.  We bake cookies and meet our neighbors.  It’s a great excuse to slip a little Jesus into someone’s life, and to meet the neighbors whom you otherwise would never meet.  We all love it.

We only have two neighbors on our street this year.  One of them threw a rock at our dog and won’t say hi when we wave.  I am taking the kill him with kindness approah…we’ll see how it works.

This past weekend we decked our halls.

And so the crazy woman with four kids who wants to make all the gifts this year must go.  Time, as you well know, is certainly running out fast.

P.S. The secretive package is  to arrive tomorrow…I can’t wait!

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