busy busy bee

Yes I am.  I am really trying to be a good house cleaner/laundry person lately.  For reasons I cannot say, I’ve been tired and grumpy.  That’s right, me. Hard to believe?  Well, believe it.  I have.  Sometimes you just get in a funk and you wait around for it to end until you realize it won’t end until you stop.  God has been pressing on my heart the need to take each moment for what I can.  That usually doesn’t include blogging.  Today it does. 

On the creative side of things, I have been focusing on one craft at a time.  I decided I will do all knitting projects on the Christmas list first, then sewing, ect.  I was feeling like I was doing good until I got invited to 2 baby showers :)  I just love little babies.

We have some catching up to do with home school.  Sickness, fatigue, and business has gotten us  a tad behind.  Thanks okay though we’ll catch up.  Andre read his first words yesterday.  He was quite happy.  Did I mention that he’s 5 now?  Yep, you heard me. 5.  He is such a boy it’s crazy.  Yesterday (despite of rule of no point at people ever)  He shot Isabel in the face with a nerf gun bullet.  Nice huh?  B-O-Y.  Plus he already managed to break his new flashlight.    It’s good he’s such a boy because his sisters are all girl.

That’s that I guess. What have you all been doing?  It’s getting colder here– finally, so baking might sneek it’s way into our full days somehow…maybe just a little.

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