more food

Basically I’ve been trying to keep the house up, knit and cook.  You can expect not much more than that coming from here this month. 

So, today we have a seriously yummy, seriously easy, and most definitely cheap recipe for creamy potato soup.  I’m a sucker for soup, and this one is so good that even my 6 year old (who has recently informed me she no longer likes potatoes) had seconds. 

My variation is using bouillon instead of prepared broth.  It’s much better and less expensive.  Enjoy this scrumpious soup! 

november 09 009

One thought on “more food

  1. Ashley says:

    I just made this last night. It was SO good. (well, not according to the kids, but they don’t like anything but macaroni and cheese lately). We don’t really like onion, so I replaced that with garlic and it was great. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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