one step forward, two steps to the side

In the Josie Dept.  things have been changing quite a bit.  This tiny girl amazes me every week.  Josie has been “cruising” along the furniture, walls, chairs, legs of bystanders, and just about anything else possible. 

She sure gets proud of herself too.  In a way it breaks my heart to see such determination suppressed by physical road blocks.  On the other hand I see in her a hard-working little person trying with all her might to walk, despite what her body tells her she can’t do well. 

Yesterday marked a breakthrough in her willingness to walk.  She took two steps forward on a couple of trys.  The funny, sad, part…she can’t help but go sideways because of her crooked little feet.  I love it though.  I feel so proud of that baby.  I really never thought she would take any steps for  months.  She has proved me and statistics wrong again.  I can’t get enough of that.

My little 16 pound, 14 1/2 month old wonder is really not lagging behind as she was labeled to do.  She’s making headway, and soon to take over the house.  And don’t think she won’t either.  She’s got more personality than we can handle at times.  In this picture she is wearing a 0-3 months onesie and 6-9 months overalls.  Just wait ’till she’s running…it’s going to flip people out!

oct 09 064

Oh. and check out what she started a few days ago…yes, that’s a scowl if I ever saw one.

oct 09 061oct 09 062oct 09 060

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