all about kids

Have I mentioned that I love my kids yet?  Well, I do.  I know I don’t deserve them because I take them for granted far too often.  But I surely do love them, dearly. 

Since I’ve been gone I have tried to spend more moments with them.  I did very little creating and cleaning– which I thought I would have plenty of time for.  I watched my little ones use their brilliant imaginations.  For the last two days they have been working tirelessly making a campsite in the front yard.  Clearing weeds, smoothing dirt, and getting completely filthy.

I love watching those sorts of things.  And so does Josie.  She thinks her brother and sisters are the most wonderful beings on Earth.  She lights up when they give her attention, and squeals with delight as she sees them out the window.  I love witnessing that too.  I just love it.  Makes me chuckle.

oct 09 048

oct 09 049oct 09 052oct 09 051

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