Back with thriftiness

Hello strangers…miss me?  I missed you.  I did.  Really.  So many things here are changing besides the seasons.  I really needed to “get focused” on organizing and priority-straightening…if you know what I mean. 

But, now I’m back again.  Like I said I will me blogging a little more infrequently, but I will be blogging…fear not. 

So, dear friends, here is a little bit of thriftiness I’ve included in my life since last we met.  Bar soap.  Yeah, It’s pretty simple really.  I have this theory that we will go through far less soap if the kids can’t squirt it out at 10 pumps per second.  Also, it seems to me it will last longer and cost far less.  I just bought the regular Ivory bar soap that I remember using when I was young. 

I have often looked into making soap, but the inital start-up cost of lye has kept me from doing it.  $20 or so.  It’s not that bad, I just haven’t wanted to fork over that much at once.  I do want to make some for Christmas gifts, but we’ll see how far I get on my already too long list before I add in another item. 

And so there you have it.  I’m back.  I love all you dear sweet readers, and I’m still obsessed with finding more and more ways to save money.  I guess nothing has changed too much ;)

One thought on “Back with thriftiness

  1. ashleyvt says:

    We switched to bar soap awhile back too. I like it, I just need to practice with the kids a bit more on how to use it effectively.

    glad you’re back :)


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