some catching up

Today I’m skipping the food.  We’ve been a bit off since the sickness has swept through the house…I have been doing any cooking really.  Just re-heating and opening boxes kinda cooking.  So instead I bring you some things I’ve been keeping in the vault for such times as these.

First I made some PJ bottoms for myself from a thrifted sheet.  Plenty more fabric left…I’m thinking all the girls could use some matching PJ’s.

oct 09 023

Next I found out that my lovely FREE vintage machine I picked up at a yard sale is a 1917 Singer 66 Red Eye.  I am excited, now if I need parts to fix it I know where to start.  I’ve got some great advice from a lady in my Ravelry group.  Can’t wait to fire it up.

oct 09 029

Last, but NOT least…a sweet friend of mine sent some ribbon my way.  I’ve been playing with it ever since.  What a blessing.

oct 09 035

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back Tuesday…Hubby has Columbus day off.  Whatever your feelings on Columbus day are, I for one appreciate a hubby at home any day.

3 thoughts on “some catching up

    • vintagemamasew says:

      No pattern, I meant to write about that. I traced the shape from my favorite PJ’s and figured on my own by pinning and re-pinning how they’re supposed to be sewn. Without trial and error it takes around 15 minutes to do.


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