Tuesday Tidbits: clean easier

Apparent there’s nothing like the Magic Eraser.  Honestly, I have not tried this yet.  My house cleaning husband and sister-in-law proclaim its wonder.  Used on your shower or bathtub, it takes off soap scum with ease. 

Also, a cleaner called Grease Lighting (which is a no-fume, non-toxic cleaner)  does wonders on that yucky grease that gunks up the stove top. 

I always have an old toothbrush on hand to get to those tricky places as well.

Here’s a thought, and my new idea for staying caught up.  Pick one room/drawer/task each day.  Instead of the overwhelming “I need to clean the house” , wouldn’t be nicer to say, ” Today I’m putting away the clothes”  One task on the to-do list.  If your feeling energetic pick another.  You’ll still have time to spend with your little ones, but you’ll feel like your accomplishing something too.

And of corse my favorite thing for the flu and cold season…disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.  I buy the off-brands of both.  The flu just swept though our house this week.  It was nice to be able to tell the kids to get some hand sanitizer and know that they could handle it on their own.  Kids aren’t the best at hand washing, but the sanitizer makes it fool-proof.  Not that I’m calling my kids fools…their not.  Quite smart if you ask me.

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