Tuesday Tidbits: go sweet

Today’s tidbit is brought to you by Josie, who just this morning woke with a fussy attitude.  I really could not figure out what was wrong until after breakfast.  She was constipated…too much detail?  Sorry.  I was already thinking about what I would share with you when this was discovered.  I decided that all you moms out there would appreciate some practical tip for this little problem.

I very good friend of mine told me that when her dad was in medical school they were told to give a tsp of light corn syrup for constipation.  This works for infantsof any age all the way to adults.  So, there you go.  It’s hard to believe in a world where there’s a pill for everything, doctors were once giving out natural remedies. 

In case you’re wondering, 30 minutes after administration she free!  I hope you try this it work s great!  Also, it’s not difficult to get a baby to eat such a sweet “medicine” either.  What’s your favorite natural remedy for the things that ail you?

Don’t forget…tomorrow’s the BIG DAY!  Check out the Etsy store manana.

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