just another Monday

After a week of being a bit off, I’m proud to announce that I will be back on track from here on out.  My thoughts have been consumed by ribbons and fabric, but this week I have determined to broaden my topics.  Tuesday Tidbits, Thrifty Thursday (this week not on Friday…what was I thinking?), and Food Friday will return.  Sorry for any disappointments :)   

Wednesday will mark the opening of my Etsy shop.  I am so excited for you all to see what I’ve been working on this past week.  Over 70 items have been lovingly handmade.  I really can’t believe that I made that many…

And, because I love sharing pictures, I snapped one of this ugly little creature known as a centipede.  The kids alerted me to him this morning.  I have to tell you in all my life I have never seen them as big as they get here.  Notice the thumb turned in…I was nervous but really wanted you to see how fat and long it was.  For the record, we have seen bigger.

sept 09

 Mr. Andre bringing me his toothbrush and paste…don’t you just love boys?  This guy’s always doing cute things such as this.  Creative.  Funny.  That’s my boy.

sept 09 303

One thought on “just another Monday

  1. Ashley says:

    UGH! I hate centipedes! I haven’t seen any in the house this summer (thank goodness or I’d probably be staying in a hotel!)…but we’ve had several big ones like that in our backyard. At least they can’t fly so they’re pretty easy to kill :)


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