home again

It’s great to be home.  Today will bring laundry, unpacking, getting back on schedule, and the comfort of sleeping in a cozy bed…all good things indeed.  There is so much to share with you.  I have decided to go piece by piece, saving Josie’s Dr. for last. 

And so began our adventure and fun family get-away Saturday in the wee hours of the morning…traveling 9.5 hours with 4 kids (who I might add did wonderfully) in the car.  Much to mom and dad’s surprise.

sept 09 080sept 09 085sept 09 079

Sunday…beach day.  Every time I visit I wish I lived closer.  Smells, sounds, waves, sand ohh I love the beach.  The kids more than enjoyed themselves as well.  We also picked up a friend and took her too, along with plenty of family.  It was awesome!  Olivia is standing on my big project for the trip…a beach blanket made with thrifted vintage sheets I’ve been collecting.

sept 09 123

sept 09 118sept 09 103sept 09 114sept 09 152

sept 09 099

Tomorrow my vigilant readers, you shall have the rest of our traveling tales.

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