Tuesday Tidbits: Write it out

Around these parts we’re making some changes for organization…which has been a long time coming.  Here’s our latest keep everyone one on tract (including mom) idea.  I posted these right next to the dinning room table.  visible for all…a good reminder.  Also, I might add that this has helped very much with the kid boredom blues and the “when are we eating” questions that never seem to stop.  They know what to expect and are also learning the concept of time. 

I’m lovin’ this House Rules thing too. Which also applies to adults.  The kids are learning that adults aren’t above the law either.  We all answer to the same creator.  When it’s written out there’s no excuse of I didn’t know.  The kids really seem to understand better how often they are breaking rules when they are shown each time.  I like the fact that simply showing them what they did wrong makes them want o do better. Attitudes are changing too.

sept 09 055sept 09 056

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