10 things…I save money on

1.  Line drying clothes $10/month

2. Not buying paper towels $5/month

3. Using dryer balls instead of fabric softener $5/month

4. Using cloth diapers/wipes $50/month

5.  Making whipped butter $5/month

6.  Making bread $16/month

7.  Cloth napkins $2/month

8.  Using half the recommended amount of laundry soap $(depends on which you buy) $4/month

9.  Mending things instead of buying new $…?  It varies.  This month we glued the sole back on Nick’s shoes (which were otherwise in perfect condition)  that saved about $50

10.  Washing and reusing freezer bags $4/month– I really love freezer bags :)

The total


It is worth taking my stay-at-home job seriously.  I try to remind myself that even though I’m home, I’m at work saving money to help my husband.  I’m not spending his money every chance I get so that he has to work harder.  I take my job seriously.  We don’t buy things we need or want very often.  We adjust our life around the missing items until we either save up for it or someone gives it to us.  God always takes care of us one way or another. 

Be blessed and bless your husband by working at home not just staying at home.  Live simply and God will bless your stewardship and sacrifice.  His gifts are so much better that what we can buy ourselves, and His rewards are worth your hard work.  Soon you’ll notice that all the things you want are forgotten. 

I am not posting this to make you feel like you should do all the things I do, but rather to show you that little things add up.  I’m sure you buy  almost all of the above items.  Think about these things and others.  What can you do to save some extra cash in your house.  I chose 1 thing at a time.  If your challenge is buying clothes, home deco, kids clothes…whatever, take some time to evaluate the need for it in your life.  What’s the motivation for the purchase?  Can you wait?  Should you save up for it or wait until it goes on sale?  Some food for thought.  A challenge for me as well.

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