the weekend in a nut shell

As I mentioned, we headed to Tucson (hot blahh!) to attend our first LPA meeting.  It was quite nice to see a group of 15 little people as people in their element.  I was ever so amazed at how well they adapt to their short stature.  Since their legs dangle when they sit it seems they would need help pushing their seats in, but they don’t.  With such short arms it would seem difficult to pass papers around, but they slid things across the table instead.   It was eye opening and wonderful to see them as people and not “dwarfs” as I once would have.  I was able to just soak in the situation as I was too shy to ask questions, I listened and observed. 

I saw just a group of people doing the best they could in a world that wasn’t made for them.  A world that doesn’t even try to adapt as it does for the blind or lame.  I watched as these new friends ignored the stares and whispers and went about their business as if they didn’t notice.  I watched people care for one another.  I do believe that there were some friendships established, ones that will last a lifetime. 

In other news, I did do some sewing and knitting.  I would love to show you, but our camera is not behaving.  I’d love to throw if off the edge of the Grand Canyon.  I think it would be very satisfying and it would be quite liberating to break the thing I get mad at daily, but it’s all we’ve got and I’m not very near the Grand Canyon at the moment.  Hopefully it will stop acting up and work tomorrow. 

Since I just hate posts with no pictures here are some random ones for your viewing pleasure. 

july 09 284

july 09 146july 09 234july 09 281july 09 100

One thought on “the weekend in a nut shell

  1. Tara says:

    thats cool – that there was an LPA meeting close by (kind of). sounds like it was encouraging! we had fun playing with isabel and andre!


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