friday fun

july 09 255

I found a great very cheap art project for kids…painting with water.  At first I wasn’t sure how well it would go over, but the kids loved it.  This simple activity kept them busy for nearly 30 minutes.  This picture is from last week in case you’re wondering (my babies aren’t back yet…*sniff*). 

Alright, enough with the sap.  In good news we do have an appointment for Josie to see the specialist in California.  Answers for Josie are soon to come :)  Also, we are attending our first LPA (Little People of America) meeting tomorrow.  We are very excited.  And the restaurnt we’re meeting at looks amazing.   Look here for mouth watering recipes and menu…I can’t wait to eat here!

Over the weekend I intend to do some sewing so check back here soon.  Happy weekend to all of you!

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