what’s knitting, cooking, and happening

I am determined to make leg warmers for all the girl before it gets cold.  Here are Liv’s…

july 09 288

And more things in the making…a hat and matching scarf.

july 09 287

Wondering why I’m not sewing?  My mom couldn’t find all the parts to the serger…hopefully I’ll get to use it soon.  So knitting is the thing now.  I know I’ll sew something this week– just not what I was planning on :(

Last night’s dinner… 

july 09 286

The tomatoes and greeen peppers are from a friend garden, along with the onions I added the the hamburger patties.

july 09 285

I love summer grilling!  It keeps the house cool and the dishes few…plus when corn-on-the-cob is 5/$1 how can you pass it by?  Yummy burgers loaded with veggies and topped with a whole wheat bun…just the way I like it.

In case I haven’t talked about it enough…my two oldest children and gone until the 21st.  They are fine I’m sure… being and grandpa and grandma’s for 12 days is something of a child’s dream.  Me…I think it’s far too quiet, the work load too easy, the laundry minimal, and the house just isn’t moving enough.  I’ll survive I know, it is nice to have Liv one on one.

Sweet babe picutures…

"Liv, what's that?"  "Cheese."  "Where's the cheese?"

"Liv, what's that?" "Cheese." "Where's the cheese?"

The "cheese"  is actually a stick of butter

The "cheese" is actually a stick of butter

july 09 281

One thought on “what’s knitting, cooking, and happening

  1. Ashley says:

    You have my sympathy…even though my kids make me crazy, I don’t know what I would do without them around.
    I love the leg warmers…did you follow a pattern or just make them up yourself?


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